Fu Yun’s face tightened, he put the egg back and turned off the switch. Without waiting for Yu Mu to ask what, he directly blocked people in the narrow space, “Yu Mu, I ask again, do you think I’ve been joking with you?” His eyes are very fierce, there is a kind of impulse that Yu Mu will bite down without hesitation when he nods. Yu Mu is in a dilemma, this meeting still has some dizziness, can only ask him vaguely, “Why me?” Fu Yun is stupefied, immediately smiled. No longer the coldness of the past, the fundus is somewhat pleasant, the voice is heavy and magnetic, “It can only be you.” Seeing that Yu Mu was still in a daze, Fu Yun took people outside in a good mood. He led Yu Mu into the room, bent over and kissed her on the forehead, as if to coax, “Be good, I’m only good to you.” Yu Mu had just finished shooting a drama, and Fu Yun did not intend to let her continue shooting so soon. But Yu Mu is stubborn, Fu Yun can only give her a variety show. You need to record two episodes, no more, no less. Let Yu Mu have a good rest. More importantly, it’s a food show. Fu Yun has long felt that Yu Mu is too thin. Take this opportunity to let her make up for it. If you grow some meat,White Marble Slabs, it will be more comfortable to hold it later. When Yu Mu came to the program group, the others had not arrived yet. Ye Yan chatted with her on the other end of the phone, “ah ah ah, little Mu, did you see the financial news?”? He Jia’s capital turnover is not enough, and a big project invested before has been destroyed. Fortunately, after I knew you, all the stocks I bought were from Dihua, otherwise I would have lost money. Fu Yun has never been a kind person,Artificial Marble Slabs, he will take revenge on the He family, also in Yu Mu’s expectation. If she has to stop it, Fu Yun may let the other party go. Only, she didn’t do it. This insulted her first, not to mention Fu Yun in this matter above the fire. Yu Mu must go to plead for mercy, the relationship between the two will only be more stiff. Yu Mu has never been a good man, and neither is he. At that time, persuading Fu Yun was just because it was at Yu Nian’s birthday party, and she didn’t want to make it too ugly. Little Mumu? Ye Yan at the other end did not get an answer and could not help asking again. I didn’t pay much attention, but I heard about it. Yu Mu returned to her, caught a glimpse of Song Xiaogu running in, and smiled shallowly. By the way, what have you been up to lately? Ye Yan wondered, she also wanted to go shopping with Yu Mu, to a sister Amoy or something. Yu Mu said slowly, “I’m recording a variety show.” “Oh.” It seemed that someone was calling Ye Yan at the other end, and she said goodbye in a hurry. After hanging up the phone, Agate Slabs Countertops ,Marble Granite Price, Yu Mu looked at Song Xiaogu and asked softly, “What’s wrong?” “Teacher Shen Zhi is here.” Song Xiaogu blushed, and Shen Zhi was her favorite male artist in this circle. Probably because the other side looks evil, and is very good at flirting with girls. But fortunately, although Shen Zhi is very playful, he knows how to measure it. I haven’t seen any gossip for so many years. Yu Mu chuckled and handed the mirror to Song Xiaogu, “so shy?”? Aren’t you afraid your boyfriend will be jealous? “He dares!” Song Xiaogu clenched his fist and his words were full of sweetness. As soon as the voice fell, a rather frivolous voice came from outside, “Yu Mu, may I come in?” Yu Mu tidied up his appearance and looked at Song Xiaogu, who was still red-faced, laughing, “I’m going to open the door, can you?” “Yes!” Song Xiaogu’s face is full of firmness, and now the male God is right in front of her, and she can’t get on. “Ah!” Shen Zhi eyes are full of surprise, before he only saw Yu Mu’s photos, originally thought that female artists, this photo is more or less some moisture. But now a look, Yu Mu is much better than the picture. Water Lingling’s little face, skin white and red, a pair of bright eyes flashing, as if able to hook people’s hearts. Red lips are small and most lovely. Yu Mu is really good-looking. Shen Zhi teased, “It’s really my honor to partner with such a beautiful woman.” Song Xiaogu looked like he was struck by lightning. She has been a fan of Aidou for a year, and on the first day of the face base, her fantasy was completely shattered. I felt that the love of that year was like feeding a dog. Yu Mu was teased by Shen Zhi and frowned slightly. But Shen Zhi is a senior, and she can only say in a faint voice, “Senior Shen, the recording is about to start, let’s go to prepare first.” “Yes.”.
“Shen Zhi eyebrows and eyes up, this face is very delicate, evil a little too much.”. This program is in the form of live broadcasting. So before he went on stage, the director told him that he was afraid that they would make a mistake. Shen Zhi is already an old man in the entertainment circle, and he is naturally able to deal with this kind of program with ease. So he took one look at Yu Mu beside him and said with a smile, “Yu Mu, don’t be nervous.”. I’ve got you covered. Yu Mu took a look at Shen Zhi, although this person is not serious, but the person is good. Nodding his head, Yu Mu prepared all the tools and said in a shallow voice, “Thank you, Senior Shen.” “No, it’s my pleasure to serve the beauty.” The director gave the two men a wink, indicating that they were going to start recording the program. Shen Zhi is the most attractive male artist in the circle. As soon as he appears on this program, it means endless traffic. At the very beginning, the bullet screen was already brushing fast. What the fuck Why is it Yu Mu again? “Ah, my Shen Zhi is mine. Yu Mu, get out of here!” Shen Zhi took a look at his cell phone and said with a playful smile, “You have a lot of anti-fans.” Then he raised his head and blinked at the camera. “Don’t curse. Girls are so cute. It’s not good to curse.” Fans who were watching the live broadcast said that their hearts had been hit by a knowing blow and quickly nodded, “OK, OK, whatever the male God said is right!” Fans gradually quieted down, partly because of Shen Zhi’s words, partly because of Yu Mu. Because they found that Yu Mu was cooking all the time and hardly looked at their male God. Younger sister! The handsome boy is in front of you, why do you only care about cooking! But to tell the truth,Stone Honeycomb Panel, this kind of Yu Mu is much more pleasing to the eye than others. Shen Zhi’s fans all know how much influence their own love beans have on their appearance. Before the variety show, there were always some female artists whose eyes wanted to stick to their own love beans, which was really annoying. forustone.com

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