The bright afternoon sun strained around the edges of Roxie’s heavy curtains. Working nights at the Anaconda made it impossible to get up before 1:00 PM, no matter how hard she tried.

Taking her time, Roxie rolled onto her back, indulging in slow, languid stretches. She inhaled the cool breeze slipping under the curtains, savoring the feeling of her mostly bare skin against warm, flannel sheets. It was a weird quirk, Roxy knew that, but ever since she was a kid she’d needed fresh air to sleep. Fall and winter didn’t mean closed windows for her, just heavier blankets.

The thin fabric of her sleep bra and skimpy boy shorts hugged Roxie’s petite, voluptuous body. Unbidden, images of the night before flashed through her mind…

Chase up on stage, giving those Magic Mike dudes a run for their money, his chiseled body oiled up and writhing under hot lights… The buxom blonde he’d chosen from the audience, arching her back and thrusting her pelvis toward him while Chase did his signature hip grind right over her lap…

Roxie had flushed, watching them and realizing how much she would love to watch them fuck for real.

She pictured it now, Chase relieving the escort women of her clothing, until she sat naked in the chair onstage, her legs spread wide, begging Chase to fuck her. Roxie’s hand slid down, under the covers… under the waistband of her shorts…


Roxie oof-ed as sixteen pounds of cat landed on her stomach, a striped gray feline face nudging her cheek. Catarina was back from her daily prowling, and there would be no peace until she was fed.

Reluctantly abandoning her fantasy, Roxie left the cozy haven of her bed cocoon and threw on a hooded, terry cloth robe. She padded into the kitchen with Catarina hot on her heels. Yawning, Roxie filled the demanding creature’s food dish and made her way to the bathroom.

In the shower, she briefly contemplated using the showerhead to scratch her arousal itch, but the moment had passed and besides, her water pressure wasn’t the greatest.

A self-administered orgasm wouldn’t do the trick, anyway. As much as she hated to admit it, Roxie knew she wouldn’t be fully satisfied until Chase finished the job.

It was a game they’d started playing months ago, and – for Roxie, at least – it had turned into one of the most delicious, frustrating seductions she’d ever experienced. She didn’t know what it was for Chase, because they never talked about it. They just took turns cornering each other at work, taking advantage of the dark, hidden corners to fondle and torment each other, until one of them caved and begged for release.

At a week and a half, the record holdout award was currently Roxie’s, but Chase was on the verge of stealing her crown.

The night before, Roxie had been hanging up some VIP belongings in the coatroom when Chase found her. She was bent over, retrieving a hanger, when he gripped both sides of her hips and pulled her to him, rubbing his cock along her pussy, against her ass…

Before he got too hard, Chase grabbed Roxie’s shoulders and stood her upright, turning her to face him and pressing her up against the wall. He’d clearly just finished one of his numbers, his body still warm and gleaming.

Roxie looked up, her eyes full of mischief, daring Chase to make her want it.

He obliged her, hiking up her very short miniskirt. Instead of grabbing her ass or putting his hand between her legs, he took a step back and looked her up and down.

“Show me your tits,” he commanded, and Roxie felt a ripple of desire course through her. It wasn’t like him to be quite so crass or demanding… and Roxie discovered she really enjoyed this new turn of events.

Following orders, she took hold of her tank top and bra, pulling both down until her ample, naked breasts popped out. Chase just grinned, looking at her standing there with her tits and ass on display for him.

Just then, a cluster of women rounded the corner, sauced and laughing. Chase ducked away down the hall, leaving Roxie to scramble to get herself covered. She barely succeeded, tucking her bosom away and pulling her skirt down right as the group of women stepped up to the coat check.

Her face flushed, Roxie took their tickets and glared down the hall after Chase. He followed his wicked grin with a wink, then made himself scarce.

Roxie’s body had been on fire ever since, and she knew it would take an unprecedented amount of resolve to not seek Chase out the instant she got to work, begging him to give her the pleasure she was craving.

Can’t let that happen, she thought. This is war, which means I need a powerful, effective uniform.

Turning off the shower, Roxie quickly dried off and lathered her body in a coconut-scented lotion, Chase’s favorite. Then she carefully selected some of her best lingerie – a white, lace push up bra and tiny, matching thong, both with delicate yellow bows right at the center. Something about the combination read “sexy and innocent,” which almost always drove men crazy.

They’re so easy, Roxie smirked. Then she remembered Chase’s arrogant grin from the night before, and felt all too easy herself.

Luckily, her job at Anaconda required Roxie to wear sexy clothes, so she could be as slutty as she wanted and no one would think anything of it. The venue was mostly for people who wanted to watch oiled up, naked men dance and grind, but the owners felt it was important to be Equal Opportunity, so they made a point of hiring women to do most of the other work – emcee, concierge, box office, etc. – and all in very little clothing.

Roxie was a Jane of all trades, and that night she was scheduled to emcee one of Chase’s shows. He was dancing with a few other guys in the VIP Lounge, which was Roxie’s favorite place to be at work. The main stage was fine, but she loved the plush, exclusive glow and private experience of people with money to burn.

Digging through her closet, Roxie found what she was looking for. Standing in front of her full-length mirror, she slipped into a short, sleeveless, tight black dress. The extra special features were a low neckline that showed off her impressive cleavage, and the lace-up sides that left very little to the imagination. Roxie’s pretty white lingerie peeked out from underneath the black laces, just enough to show Chase a taste of what he was in for. But only if he caved first.

After fixing her long, raven locks and applying a decent amount of makeup, Roxie slipped into a pair of black, strappy heels. She grabbed a trench coat from her closet, so as not to parade down the streets of San Francisco like she was looking for a paid date for the evening.

Not that she had any disrespect for sex workers – Roxie counted some of her closest friends among them. It just wasn’t her scene. She preferred to engage in sex games with a coworker, free of charge, apparently.

With one last approving look in the mirror, Roxie fluffed her hair, scratched Catarina’s ears, and headed out the door.

Grabbing a coffee and bagel on the way to work, Roxie loaded up on carbs like she was prepping for a triathlon. She would need stamina tonight, not just to resist Chase, but to make him desperate for her and the feel of her body.

When she got there, the lights above the door were just starting to flash ‘Anaconda Lounge.’ The glow of early evening settled over the city, and Roxie took a deep breath of the sea-salty air. She was ready.

Inside, Roxie slipped off her coat and headed to the back, entering a door emblazoned with EMPLOYEES ONLY. Rounding the corner to the break room, she nearly crashed into Chase.

“Holy Jesus fucking christ,” he said, and Roxie basked in the moment. His reaction had been even better than she’d hoped.

Chase’s friend Tony chuckled, looking back and forth between them. With a playful slap on the arm, he smiled at Roxie and chided Chase.

“On in five, bro. Try to get your mouth closed before then.”

“Yeah yeah, mmhm.”

Chase wasn’t listening to Tony, he was just staring at Roxie – okay, mostly at her tits – with his mouth truly hanging open. Tony took off, grinning and shaking his head. Roxie raised an eyebrow.

“Oh, hey Chase. Can I help you with something?”

Chase met her eyes for the first time, giving Roxie a rueful look.

“You’re a clever minx, you know that?”

“So I’ve been told,” she replied with a smirk. Then, just to make sure he wouldn’t forget it, Roxie ‘accidentally’ dropped her coat on the floor in front of Chase. “Oops!”

Turning around, Roxie bent at the waist to retrieve her coat. She felt the fabric of her tiny, skintight dress slip up to just under her ass, giving Chase a solid glimpse of the little white thong between her legs. She heard him whimper, and smiled as she stood up to face him again.

Putting on her best Innocent Face, Roxie batted her eyelashes.

“Is everything okay?” she asked him.

Chase nodded, clenching his jaw.

“Yep. Just dandy,” he insisted.

“Didn’t Tony say you guys are on in five? Probably more like two now…” Roxie mused.

“Fuck,” Chase snapped out of his Roxie stupor and went to move past her. On second thought, he turned back and pressed his body against hers, until they not-so-gently slammed into the hallway wall.

“Later,” he promised, “when you least expect it. I’ll get you back for this… begging, on your knees.”

“I’d love to see you try,” was Roxie’s saucy reply, but as soon as Chase released her and was out of sight, she fanned herself, panting.

Hot damn. This is going to be harder than I thought.

Later that night, Roxie led a group of VIPs back to the lounge. One of the women among them had been very complimentary and appreciative of Roxie’s ensemble, and slipped her a one hundred dollar bill before the show had even started.

“For showing off those glorious tits of yours,” she’d purred in Roxie’s ear.

It was one of the reasons Roxie loved her job – she made money for doing practically nothing, beyond walking around half-naked, flaunting her natural gifts.

She pursed her lips and lowered her lashes, thanking the woman as she tucked the money between her breasts, leaning forward a little to let the woman enjoy the view. For a hundred bucks, it was the least she could do.

When the guests were in their seats, Roxie grabbed the mic. It was time for Chase’s set, and she knew it would be a challenge to watch him dance. Luckily, she could tuck herself away backstage and spare her libido most of his act.

“Good evening, everyone! Welcome to the Anaconda Lounge VIP room. Are you ready to have some fun?” Roxie beamed into the mic, scanning the small audience of about a dozen or so people.

Cheers and whoops filled the room. They were small but mighty.

“Are you ready to see some hot, gleaming, naked men?”

The cheers and whoops grew louder and wilder. Roxie flashed them all a knowing grin.

“Let the games begin!”

At her cue, Chase, Tony, and two of the other dancers gyrated their way over to the guests. Chase glanced over his shoulder at Roxie, clenching his ass cheeks with a wink in her direction. She laughed then ducked away, sequestering herself backstage. Settling onto a velvet stool, Roxie waited for her next turn on the mic.

Only about five minutes had passed when Roxie felt Chase’s hard body press against her from behind. His hands wrapped around her front, pulling the neckline of her dress down so he could grope her bare tits.

Roxie gasped, panting at the sudden, all-too-welcome assault.

“You’re… oh, god… you’re supposed to be… on stage…” she stammered.

“What do you mean?” Chase teased. “I am on stage.”

And with that, he was gone. Roxie sat on the stool, catching her breath. He’d left her with her naked tits exposed – again! Damn him – and she quickly adjusted her dress, covering herself.

She heard the song change, and knew her next cue was coming up. Sliding off the stool, Roxie had to suppress a small moan as she felt the wetness between her legs. Before she could fully collect herself, Chase was backstage again, behind her, gripping her hips. His voice rumbled in her ear.

“This is a very, very naughty outfit, young lady.”

His hand between her shoulder blades, Chase pushed Roxie forward so she was bent over the stool. He lifted her dress and gave her ass two quick, sharp smacks. She expected him to disappear again, but before he did, he tugged her thong down to her ankles.

He spanked her one more time, right between her legs, making her yelp as his hand smacked against her wet pussy.

Mortified and coursing with desire, Roxie heard Chase whoop in victory as he danced his way back to the VIP audience.

The song was almost over – Roxie was going to miss her cue. She hurriedly pulled her panties back up and fixed her dress. She was flushed from her cheeks all the way to her cleavage, and her ass was already stinging from Chase’s reprimand.

She took a breath to steady herself and made her way out from behind the curtain. She greeted the audience and the dancers, asking who was ready for champagne. After a rousing response, two servers brought out buckets of Tattinger.

Chase took one, popping the cork and spraying the bubbly all over the cleavage of a very enthusiastic woman. He held the bottle against his pelvis and thrust it back and forth, sticking his tongue out and grinning at Roxie. She knew her face was still red, and she all but stomped off stage, furious and profoundly turned on by his power over her.

When their set ended, the guys all made their way backstage. Roxie had a few minutes before she needed to address the VIPs again, so she slid off her stool and waited until Chase appeared.

Biting her lip, she stuck her chest out just a little, all but ready to concede and beg him to bend her over that stool again…

Chase saw her face, looked down at her proffered tits, and grinned. Roxie opened her mouth to admit defeat, but Chase just kept walking, right on past her.

It was Roxie’s turn to gape at him, open-mouthed.

Chase was the last one left backstage with her, and before he left he stopped and leaned just a tiny bit closer to Roxie.

“Maybe, if you’re a very, very good girl tonight, I’ll let you put my dick in there later.”

He smirked at her and Roxie quickly closed her mouth. Chase slipped away, and Roxie let out a pout of frustration. More infuriating than his cocky, lewd proclamation… was how badly Roxie suddenly wanted exactly what he’d promised. She wanted to be naked, on her knees for him, sucking his cock. She wanted to beg for the right to come. She wanted to surrender herself to him.

Fuck, Roxie thought. I so totally lost.

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