Gary S. Shelton

He had a human form, but his body was covered with fine silver scales, his face was like a human, flesh and blood, and he looked quite handsome. What was more special was that his pupils were silver and shining, and his silver hair was like a waterfall. He had always eaten people, and other creatures fled when they saw him, but now a human who wanted to eat him suddenly changed color, and he turned into a silver light and rushed forward. I will teach you how to respect the future king! Silver light like waves, violent and amazing, the moment to the front, a punch to kill the head of the little one, led to a gust of wind, around the dozens of hundreds of pounds of stones all flew up. Several disciples of Butian Pavilion were shocked. This creature was absolutely powerful. The strong wind alone blew away such a heavy stone. How strong was he? The little one drank a lot and went up to meet him, ready to shake him hard. His black hair was flying back, which made him look a little less tender and a little more heroic, and his breath was like a rainbow. Boom! The two men’s fists collided with each other, making a loud noise, like a thunderbolt exploding, and the silver creature suddenly opened his silver eyes, very shocked. Then, the runes between his palms were densely and quickly interwoven. In this way, both of them went backwards, and the little one’s big eyes were shining, staring at him, eager to try, ready to kill again, and there was a kind of wild brilliance. The silver creature’s palm trembled lightly, and he gasped. He was defeated by the power of pure flesh. If he hadn’t used the secret power of runes at the critical moment, he might have suffered a great loss just now. With a shake of his hand, he threw the four elixirs out and landed on a rocky mountain to avoid being destroyed in the confrontation. Then, he shot again, the silver pupil suddenly shining, into two silver awn, as long as ten meters, flying at a very fast speed,Walking measuring wheel, more terrible than the arrow shot. The little one’s complexion did not change, and he shot quickly, and the palm of his hand was clear and turned into golden yellow, and a blazing lightning crackled and fell in an instant. This heaven and earth are blazing, golden lightning and silver dance together! The little one moved sideways, a strand of black hair was cut off, and the neck was scraped by a silver light, a wisp of blood flowed out, and he was slightly injured. Dangerous and dangerous, if a little more partial, the silver light pierced his throat, then I am afraid that the neck will continue to be cut, so that his head fell to the ground. At the same time, some scorch marks appeared on the body of the silver creature. It staggered backwards, and a piece of scales fell off. It showed a startled look and said, “The king’s treasure!” “That’s awesome.” The little one wiped the blood from his neck, revealing a strange color. It’s so strong. No wonder the nine golden lions want to accept you as a servant. I’ll take it! The silver creature opened his mouth, and his eyes became more intense. At the same time, fish measuring tape ,Wheel tape measure, a silver light rose around him, burning. He stood in the center, like a king, looking down at his servants, and his breath suddenly became more than ten times stronger! Several people in Butian Pavilion gasped. This ancient relic was much stronger than they had imagined. Although it was far from being an adult, it had already begun to have the breath of a king. Roar. He came over, carrying endless silver light, beating like a vast ocean. The little one showed a dignified color, his whole body flashed with lightning, and the golden light soared into the sky. He turned into a young thunder God. He raised his hand with golden lightning, flying vertically and horizontally, and blew up the place. Bang! A huge stone weighing more than two hundred thousand catties turned into powder under the electric awn, and the golden lightning crossed the sky, which was breathtaking. Poof! Silver light is overwhelming, razing a mountain forest to the ground, turning into plunder ashes, leaving a mess. The little one fought fiercely with the silver creature, risking his life and moving his body quickly. The two were so gorgeous that they could not open their eyes. There were runes and treasures everywhere. This creature has been practicing for more time than the little one, and his realm is more profound. He wants to suppress the genius of the human race with absolute strength, but he finds that the young man is too difficult to deal with, and has evaded his killing blow several times. The little one is happy and fearless, and the more he fights, the braver he is. The silver creature swallows runes, attacks the little one, and a vast ocean of silver falls over him. At the same time, his eyes shine brightly, and the two treasures merge and kill forward.
Suddenly, a blazing light shone, the runes in the hands of the little one were interwoven, and a crystal bone mirror appeared, blocking the silver light from the eyes of the other side, and immediately reflected in the past. Poof! The silver creature let out a muffled hum, staggered backwards, and two blood holes appeared on his shoulders, and the blood gurgled and gushed, showing a startled face. You actually got the precious bone, and sacrificed it into a treasure. The powerful race can’t stand the spread of the treasure within the clan. It will break the treasure bone and destroy everything at the moment of death. It’s rare for the primitive amulet bone to fall. Sorry, the mirror was a little slippery and fell out of my arms. The apology of the little one really lacks sincerity, which makes the eyes of the silver creature cold. He has been practicing for years longer than the other side, and his realm is higher. He can’t suppress the other side even if he wants to, but now the little one uses the treasure to make him speechless. Boom! The silver creature opened its mouth, spat out a light group, spread out in the wind, turned into a silver fan, and fanned the little one, the vast white waves towering over the sky. The little one resisted with a precious mirror and fixed his figure. But the mountains behind him were flying sand and stones, and all the towering ancient trees rose from the ground and exploded in the sky. Moreover, a rocky mountain is also torn apart, as if by a thunderstorm, the rocks rumbled down. This kind of scene is too horrible, the power of the treasure is great, soul-stirring, so that the genius of Butian Pavilion who is watching the battle in the distance is frightened, this silver creature is absolutely an unimaginable descendant of the royal family. Otherwise, why did he master such a silver fan at such a young age? It was too powerful to appear in the hands of a minor. Of course, they are also extremely shocked by the little one, this little brother’s family is too rich,cattle weight tape, right? I can’t believe that I have mastered the treasure bones of the most powerful ancient relics and sacrificed them into bone mirrors. Open! With a loud shout, the little one turned over the bone mirror in his hand and aimed it at the silver creature with the other side. There was a rune on the crystal bone, flashing with thunder.

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