As long as the five princesses were sensible and did not do those messy things blindly, the emperor would not do anything to the five princesses. After all, the five princesses were the emperor’s own daughters, and the emperor certainly did not want his daughter to have a bad life, so he would want to be good to the five princesses. Now that she had said the matter of divorce in front of the queen, there was no need for the five princesses to be polite to the Liu family. She had been very impolite to the Liu family before, and now she could be more impolite. Old Lady Liu rubbed her eyebrows when she learned that the five princesses had entered the palace again today. She wanted to give Liu Ke a concubine before, and finally because of the words of the five princesses, she had to give up. Do not take a concubine, give Liu Ke’s study to put two tea Tianxiang servant girl, have to give five princesses a lesson. Today, the five princesses saw Liu Ke and a servant girl, so they ran out of Liu Fu and went to the palace in a fit of pique. Old Lady Liu did not think that the five princesses would speak well of the Liu family in front of the queen, but that they might add oil and vinegar to speak ill of the Liu family. Old Lady Liu worried that the royal family was dissatisfied with the Liu family, and laid hands on the Liu family. The Liu family did not have much money now, because the emperor issued a decree to fill the deficit, which filled a lot of money. Although the Liu family is not an empty shell left, there is still a little family property, but the Liu family has been separated, which leads to the remaining money is not so much. Old Lady Liu thought she had to save a little, and she couldn’t let the five princesses go to the palace more. But the five princesses are princesses, princesses want to enter the palace, they these people can not stop, can only let the five princesses go. This five princesses are not fools,artificial cherry blossom trees for weddings, there are arrangements inside and outside, but if they hold the five princesses and refuse to let her out of the Liu family, the royal family will come to the door. This gives Mrs. Liu a headache, even if the five princesses are her granddaughter, she can not. There is another very good reason why the five princesses want to divorce, that is, cousins are not suitable for marriage. Of course, the five princesses and divorce can’t use this reason explicitly, otherwise those cousins who have already got married,artificial banyan trees, the man doesn’t want the woman, and can’t find any other reason, just use this reason, that’s good, that’s a lot of pain for the daughter’s family. Therefore, it is impossible for the emperors and empresses to let the five princesses use this reason. The clause that close relatives cannot get married has not been promulgated for a long time. The past will not be investigated. Those who have been engaged and those who want to get married will not be investigated. It will be a few years before consanguineous marriages are officially banned. Those who are already married cannot take advantage of this to divorce their wives, and there must be other legitimate reasons. And the five princesses and Liu Ke and Li used the reason that it was the fault of the Liu family. After the five princesses returned to the mansion, Mrs. Liu sent someone to find the five princesses. As soon as she ordered them to go down, she stopped them and said that she would go there herself. Liu old lady has no way, five princesses are princesses, is the king, in order to avoid five princesses with identity pressure, to avoid five princesses unhappy, she still has to go to five princess. I have to tell the five princesses not to always take the things between their husband and wife to the palace. It’s not good to look at, and it’s not pleasant to hear. Aren’t you afraid of being laughed at? If they want a joke, it’s a joke. Five princesses are not afraid of being laughed at. “Is this princess laughed at less?” When getting married, artificial coconut palm trees ,artificial plant wall panels, there is no princess title, no princess residence, which is enough to make them laugh. The five princesses didn’t think they had any face, and they were told by the princess of Tai’an that the beads were shining black at her. Yes, the Buddha bead bracelet should be black to oneself. I helped Liu Pin and Li Wang to do things a lot in those years. The five princesses once collided with the pregnant concubine because of their young age, causing the concubine to lose her child. Because the concubine had been concealing her pregnancy from the outside world, and was known by Shu Fei, Shu Fei let the five princesses, the five princesses are children, can be said to be fun to bump into, and the concubine was pregnant and did not speak, but also ran around. If the child is lost, we can only blame the concubine. In fact, after the five princesses bumped into the pregnant concubine, they were not punished because she cried and someone comforted her. At that time, the emperor did not care about the aborted concubine, but also comforted the five princesses. When the people in the harem saw that the emperor was like this, they naturally turned to the five princesses and comforted them. After so many things happened, the five princesses thought they had nothing to care about.
When Mrs. Liu heard the words of the five princesses, she did not know what to say for a moment. When did this granddaughter become like this? Was it when the granddaughter learned that those people had given her cold medicine? “Still angry with them for you.” “Yes, I am angry.” Five princesses interrupted Mrs. Liu’s words, “This princess is a princess, and they have done something wrong, can’t this princess be angry with them, but also have to hold them?” “Of course not.” Old Lady Liu said. Since it’s not, what else does Princess Ben have to say? Five princesses taunt, “to tell you the truth, this princess has told the empress today, this princess wants to divorce!” “He Li?” Mrs. Liu was shocked. Not bad, and leave! Five princesses nodded, “since you do not want this princess to give birth to a child, but want Liu Ke to live with others, then let him live with others, this princess to make room for you.”. This is Princess Ben’s last kindness to you. Take care of yourself in the future. “No will, no divorce.” Old Lady Liu thought that if the five princesses didn’t come back with the decree of He Li, it wouldn’t be He Li. There is no decree now, but there will be in a few days. If not in a few days, in ten days and a half months, there will always be a decree to divorce. Five princesses firmly tunnel, “this princess tidies up the thing, takes the person to go.” Five princesses have thought, since want to leave, now live where is good, even if go to live in the inn, live outside the house, she wants to leave. She couldn’t live with the Liu family any more, and she didn’t want to see Liu Ke again. Of course, you can kill me before you divorce. The five princesses chuckled. “But if you do that, you’ll die.” Old Mrs. Liu’s hand was trembling, and this granddaughter actually said such a thing, that is, to divorce, right? Then divorce. She could not think any more,Faux cherry blossom tree, and divorce was the best result, because the five princesses had already entered the palace and had said those words. The key was that they did not know what the five princesses had said in the palace, and they were afraid that it would be bad for the Liu family. The Liu family was already in a precarious situation and could not stand a little storm. hacartificialtree.com

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