Su Yan helpless, no wonder that a few grandfathers have gone, do not play with him, this strange old man! It’s true! Always acting shamelessly! After drinking tea, the old man looked at Su Yan again and said, “It seems that you, this girl, have some skills. I thought you couldn’t play, but you had to bite the bullet.” After a pause, I heard him say, “Young people these days, but they can’t do anything.”. You ask her what’s in chess? She doesn’t know anything! Chapter 95 husband. A. Update the latest chapter of Gu Shaoyi’s marriage as soon as possible! Chapter 95 husband. Su Yan smiled, raised his hand and scratched his head, muttering, “some.” “Some?” The old man stared at Su Yan and said in a very serious tone, “More than some?”? I think you are very powerful! “No, you’re still a lot worse than Grandpa!” Su Yan laughed, raised his hand to look at the watch on the bowl, suddenly startled, “more than seven o’clock, Grandpa, I have to go to work!”! I will come here to play chess with you another day. Goodbye With that, Su Yan got up, picked up his bag and ran away. The old man sat on the chair, staring at the back of Su Yan who had left, and smiled. It’s rare to meet such a quaint girl in this neighborhood! Gu Sichen,Wall Penstocks, this guy is really blessed! Thinking, the old man stood up, stood in place and shook a few steps from side to side, and soon someone came from one side. Dad, what are you doing here? In the distance, the middle-aged woman came over and said, “Why don’t you hurry home for dinner?” “I know, I know, go home for dinner!” The old man smiled,multi disc screw press, as if he was in a good mood because he had played a game of chess with Su Yan. Su Yan tidied up his clothes and stood under the bus stop sign. She wore a white T-shirt today, the lower part of the body is a small floral skirt, at the foot of a pair of white sandals, she tied up her long hair high, a pair of beautiful almond eyes to look here and there for a while. Passers-by could not help but look at Su Yan more than two eyes, Su Yan took out the mobile phone to look at, and put the mobile phone into the pocket. After a while, a bus came. Early morning bus, full of the smell of breakfast, Su Yan just got on the bus to sit down, met two elderly people, immediately gave up their seats, standing not far from the door. When the bus stops, people get on and off one after another. Su Yan leaned against the armrest, the whole person a little decadent. I have to go to work again. I hate myself for wasting Saturday and Sunday. I should have gone out to play. Go out to play next weekend. While Su Yan was still thinking, someone suddenly coughed beside him. Su Yan looked around, and behind him stood a man with a furtive look. Su Yan glanced at him, pursed his lips, disc air diffuser ,Dissolved Gas Flotation, put the bag in front of him, and moved to the left. As soon as she moved over, she saw the man coming again. Su Yan immediately frowned and bit his teeth. The salty pig’s hands on the car? Still Thief? Su Yan glanced at the man just as his cell phone rang. Su Yan hurriedly picked up, pressed the answer, and immediately opened his mouth, “Hey, husband!”! I’m on the bus now. Where are you? Wait for me at the next station? Or where is it? “OK, then you wait for me, and I’ll go down later.” Say that finish, Su Yan hurriedly pressed the phone to hang up. Sure enough, after a while, the man beside him stepped back. Su Yan’s lips raised a smile, oh, you can’t play to death, want to take advantage of Lao Niang, you can come out again after eight or ten years of self-cultivation at home! At the station, the car stopped, but there was no one at the station, and there were few passers-by around. When Su Yan was about to pretend to get off, he saw the man behind him also get off. So, Su Yan deliberately pretended that something had fallen down, suddenly stopped, watched the man get out of the car, Su Yan raised his head. The door suddenly slowly closed, the car began to drive up, Su Yan’s line of sight and the man who got out of the car looked at each other, Su Yan hooked his lips and smiled. Comrade, why did you get off? Seemingly able to feel the anger in the man’s eyes, Su Yan covered his mouth and tried to smile. With a seat next to her, Su Yan sat down. I looked around and thanked the big brother who coughed just now for issuing a good man card.
The mobile phone rang again in the bag, Su Yan hurriedly lowered her head, she just thought about how to get rid of that person, did not notice who just called her. Seeing that the caller ID was Gu Sichen, Su Yan frowned slightly and pressed the answer. As soon as the phone was answered, Gu Sichen asked her nervously, “Where are you?”? What’s going on? Do you want me to come over? “Huh?” Su Yan froze for a moment. The phone call just now, Gu Sichen called? Gu Sichen, who was having a meeting, had a smelly face. He had just scolded the department managers under the stage. Now he was in a bad temper. Ah, what? Suddenly he called my husband and said I was waiting for you at the bus stop. What happened to you? I.. Oh, it’s all right. I just met a groper or a pickpocket in the car. I don’t know. Anyway, don’t let that person take any advantage of it! “Are you on the bus?” Gu Sichen immediately frowned, and the people in the room swallowed their saliva one after another, very nervous. Su Yan raised his eyes and looked out of the window. “Well, I’m going to the hospital soon.” “What’s the matter?”? If it’s all right, I’ll hang up. Su Yan tone is very bad, she this also is to keep a distance with Gu Sichen? Plus Gu Sichen and Luo Qifan do not tell her, this matter in her heart is a grudge. There was a moment of silence on the other side of the phone, and suddenly he said, “Whatever.” Casual? What do you mean, whatever? Shit! Su Yan gritted his teeth and simply hung up the phone. You said it. Oh, whatever. I don’t want to talk to you on the phone anyway. But the phone just hung up, the other side called again, Su Yan did not want to answer, but has been ringing, people around her are watching, she finally pressed the answer. As soon as the phone was answered,MBR reactor, Gu Sichen exploded, “Su Yan, you hang up my phone!” 。 khnwatertreatment.com

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