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“Rest assured that we have lived there for several years, and Aunt Zhou has a good relationship with us, otherwise most people would have called to scold.” That’s the truth. Qiao Yue was put aside, watching Su Xia around the house, looking for boxes, clothes, shoes. It seems that she can do everything by herself. Qiao Yue leaned against the door and coughed to remind himself of his existence: “That.” Is there enough money? “Money?” Su Xia was stuffing clothes into her luggage when she heard this blankly: “What money?” “The cleaning and compensation of Aunt Zhou’s home downstairs, as well as her own home, should not be a small sum.” The little girl patted her forehead: “Yes!” And then look for the card. Qiao Yue has no choice but to help her put the skin care products into the box and then squat down: “You just work and have savings?” “I’ve been working for two years, and I’m not just working.” Su Xia finally found his card bag filled with all kinds of food membership cards and waved the small card in his hand happily: “Living at home and eating at home doesn’t cost much.”. Every month 5000 salary, pay 2000 to the family, still can save 2000. The bottom of my heart slightly estimated, at a glance. Qiao Yue turned to get his bag and pulled one out. The local card is used to pay the salary over there, and I will transfer part of it every month. I wanted to use it all to subsidize, but now it seems that I need to subsidize you first. Su Xia was stupefied, still some are not used to using the money that is not oneself to earn. But she didn’t have a credit card, and she wasn’t sure how much she had lost, so it was the best choice to take it. That Thank you. “Reach out and take it,304 Stainless Steel Bar, with a faint warmth on the card.” The password is the date of marriage. Su Xia put the card into her wallet and heard her eyelashes flash slightly: “.” OK “There are two flights, two in the afternoon and seven in the evening. I booked you at two.” She nodded, and when she had packed up her things, she felt that she was reluctant to give up. You Are you going to leave after the lecture? Qiao Yue looked at her, his eyes slightly frozen: “En.” “When will you be back?” “Maybe after the summer.” Half a year. Su Xia was suddenly afraid of such a day. Once or twice a year, a few years passed in the blink of an eye, and she grew old without seeing each other several times. I seriously considered the proposal I made that day. Qiao Yue saw what she was thinking. “Go abroad and do an exclusive interview with us. It’s no problem for me to contact there,304 Stainless Steel Wire, but would you like to?” He even remembered that thing. Su Xia hung her head and muttered, “I..” It was really resistant before, but seeing you cooperate so much, I’m willing to cooperate. Qiao Yue nodded and got up to help her with her luggage. Long, strong arms carried her suitcase effortlessly: “Africa is tough. If you can’t stay, just tell me.” Eyes stay on that hand, Su Xia raised his eyes: “I am not as delicate as you think.” “Ah, are you leaving?” Chen Ma made breakfast and was about to see if they got up. She was surprised to see Qiao Yue carrying the box in his hand. “Didn’t you say you would stay for a few days?” “Xia Xia has something to do at home and I’ll send her back.” “Are you flying alone during the Spring Festival?” Chen Ma was surprised. Su Xia than a painful expression: “There is no one at home, the tap is not closed, must go back.” There was a light hum downstairs, and Joe’s mother, who was drinking porridge, put down her spoon and looked not very good. Su Xia looked at Qiao Yue helplessly, 304 stainless steel wire ,Stainless Steel Industrial Sheet, and the man just took her down: “Eat something, I’ll send you.” Back in D city again, the temperature is much higher. Su Xia got off the plane alone and took his luggage alone, always feeling that something was missing. Originally oneself from the past to return to the airport, the luggage always has Qiao Yue to help take, also so once or twice, she unexpectedly some eat the marrow to know the taste. Called a taxi to go home, opened the door and heard the sound of running water inside, Su Xia was dumbfounded. The floor was full of water, nowhere from the living room to the dining room was dry, the feet of sofas, tables, chairs and benches were soaked for a long time, and there was a damp and musty smell in the house. Without changing her shoes, she quickly ran into the kitchen and cut off the source of evil. Su Xia quickly tightened the door and went downstairs to apologize to Aunt Zhou’s family. Although it is upstairs and downstairs, there are still some complaints about such things.
Auntie Zhou’s home is not better than her own. She pointed to the ceiling where the dust kept falling off the wall and the wooden floor where the floor was soaked: “Xia Xia, Auntie doesn’t want to cheat you. The wooden floor in the living room has to be completely replaced, and the house has to be waterproofed and painted. I won’t talk about the sofa. I’ll see if it’s OK to bask in it.”. The insurance company and the property have also been here, and now they are waiting for you to open your mouth. Su Xia touched Qiao Yue’s card and said, “This is our fault. Auntie, I won’t miss anything I should do.” The people from the insurance company came, and finally Su Xia paid thirty-six thousand. Fortunately, within the scope of acceptance, Su Xia’s own savings are enough, immediately relieved. But when I pay by card, my heart can’t help bleeding. When Qiao Yue called, she was signing. Hearing this, she couldn’t help wailing: “Go back to the pre-liberation days.” The man is helpless: “You still have surplus grain of landlord home in the hand.” When he said this, Su Xia became curious and secretly turned his back and asked, “How much is in your card?” “Not much.” The little girl smacked her lips and said, “I don’t believe it. Outsiders all think you are rich.” Describing it vividly, Qiao Yue couldn’t help chuckling: “Doctors Without Borders’ salaries all come from donations, and 99% of the donations are used for medical treatment. We really don’t have much.” But I do have extra income. There are some savings due to lectures in China, temporary posts in hospitals, subsidies abroad and reimbursement for food, housing and transportation. As soon as he said this, Su Xia felt that the gap between Qiao Yue and herself was not so big. She immediately said happily, “Well, I still have a card when I have no money in the future.”. I don’t like to buy things, and I can’t spend much money. Keep the money for us later. At this point, he realized that he had spilled the beans. Su Xia was almost ashamed to bite her tongue. Finally, she forced him to change the subject and told him about today’s treatment. Finally,Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet, she was reluctant to part with him: “Then I’ll go to clean up the house first.” Qiao Yue puts down the telephone, the notebook screen on the desk is emitting fluorescence, inside is the prepared courseware.

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