“It must have been killed, so that the guy who could survive would not be human.” The young man wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth and said with certainty. Hope, after all, just that blow, but we all spare no effort, if not, that is the death of heaven and so on. The sub-helmsman of the “peddler group” finally spoke, but his tone was very uncertain and mixed with a lot of tension. Tianjiang County, “the head of the county did not speak, quietly staring at the depths of the sandstorm, only the cold sweat oozing from his forehead seemed to describe his perturbed mood at the moment.”. Unfortunately, the good wishes of the people were soon destroyed by the impact of reality. The chick girl stood in place unscathed, except for the place where she stood, all around was attacked and blasted out of a super pit, and the chick girl stood on the pillar at this time, with a disappointed face, beeping a small mouth complaining: “Sure enough, there is no hope in this area, so many people do not have a Warcraft Nai Wan, it is estimated that the triple mutation of the thunder can accompany this general to play.”. Alas, it’s better to finish killing and go to find Lei. Chapter 150 it’s all about salvation. Updated September 14, 2012 22:46:01 Words: 3318 “***, that’s not a person. No wonder no one can escape the massacre every time.” “We’re going to die. It’s not even enough for a group of us to suffer.” “I don’t want to die. Who will save me? I am willing to commit myself to each other for the sake of cattle and horses.” …… The atmosphere of panic suddenly spread out, looking at the chicken girl who was talking to herself, the elite still had weak legs. Several leaders were not much better, their faces were pale, their foreheads were sweating, but some of them reached out to wipe it off, and some of them were not even in the mood to wipe it off. Master,x52 line pipe, what to do? Feeling four groups of warm and soft violent ups and downs, the ancient jade is also difficult to do, looking at the chicken girl eyes flashing. In fact, Gu Yu knew that the chicken girl must know that he was in the crowd, and it was estimated that he would be taken special care of later, but what Gu Yu wanted was not only to survive, but also to save people, at least to save his own members, and if he could save others, it would be better. After all, with the growth rate of the chicken girl’s strength, Gu Yu can’t catch up with hunting zombies and Warcraft by himself, so he must rely on the strength of the crowd and carry forward the fine style of “strength in numbers”. That, the general of the massacre, I am the head of Tianjiang County, uns s32760 plate ,uns c68700, I would like to ask if the general of the massacre can spare your hands.. Looked at the chicken girl jade hand to move, seems to want to make a move, this is the heartstrings tight “Tianjiang County” County Lord on the spot firmly, export begging for mercy. Hum-did this general allow you to speak? Chicken girl a cold hum, unexpectedly will “Tianjiang County” County Lord directly hum into a blood fog. It was a genuine five-time transcendent who could not even carry a cold hum from the other side, and it turned into a fog of blood. On the spot, several people could no longer support the weight of their bodies and sat down. There are also several people who are expected to call their father and mother are covered by the people around them, as if they are worried that these people will bring disaster to the fish in the pond. With such a cold hum, the pale faces of all the people suddenly turned pale, and the blood flowed out ahead of time. Looking at this group of people who were too scared to be decent, the chicken girl’s already disappointed mood actually added a few points, and on the spot she raised her jade hand to wipe it away from her eyes. But at the moment when everyone could not help closing their eyes and waiting for death, Gu Yu said, “Wait a minute.” Hearing this cry, many people immediately breathed a sigh of relief, at least a fool, for them to buy a few seconds to survive. Of course, there are also a few women directly on the ancient jade body, deeply afraid that he will be directly hummed into a fog of blood. However, they guessed that the tragic death did not happen, everything seems quite calm, many people can not help but open their curious eyes, the golden man who shouted did not die, what is going on? Immediately, dare to look at the chicken girl. I saw the chicken girl at this time slightly frowning moth eyebrows, small mouth beep more fiercely, but also did not put down the Qianqian jade hand. What do you want? I’m not in a good mood.
” Chicken girl this light words immediately like a nuclear bomb explosion, in the crowd set off a great uproar, looking at the ancient jade eyes full of horror, but also some mixed with impure light. This completely different treatment has shown the unusual nature of ancient jade. Several surviving leaders looked at the ancient jade, the heart is also set off stormy waves, “scattered alliance” young men are round eyes, immediately a face of worship. Not to mention these people who are not familiar with Guyu, that is, several women in Guyu’s arms are all surprised that their mouths have become “O” shaped without knowing it. Even Guyu saw a strange look in Liu Siqi’s eyes. This little girl must be guessing something that should not have been guessed. Let go of the colonel. The colonel has something important to do. “Well, she’s the important thing, but we’re not.” Gu Yu frowned slightly, looking at the envious eyes around him, and could not help frowning even more. It’s not what you think. Colonel Ben is going to save your lives. Hearing “save your life”, Liu Siqi woke up to the situation of all the people, and immediately put away his jealousy and stood aside with the two women Leng Ruoyue. Hey, wait a minute. Do you want to go back on your word? As soon as Liu Siqi got out of the way, the ancient jade immediately saw the opposite chicken girl impatiently to put down the jade hand, immediately hurriedly shouted to stop. Who do you say has gone back on his word and broken his word? When the chicken girl heard this, she was stunned and immediately looked at the ancient jade with anger in her eyes. Bystanders see this, all admire the courage of the ancient jade, if they really dare not speak in front of the general of the massacre, can keep alive in silence,uns c70600, they shouted long live, not to mention other. Who should say who. “Are you begging for death?” “Uh..” I know you’re not the kind of scumbag who kills people when they’re sick. “Humph-of course.”. But I can’t let people say that I go back on my word and break my word for no reason. “You’re still quibbling and have the guts to go aside.” “All right-but if you can’t say why, don’t blame my men for being heartless.” “Of course.” 。

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