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“Uncle Zhou, now that the matter has come to an end, you should hurry to rest for a while.” Yan Feiyu thanked the tunnel and unconsciously used the honorific. It’s all right. Lao Zhou, I’m still strong and ruthless. Even if I don’t sleep for another night, I can’t be tormented. Zhou Shuncai smiled and looked at the half of the ruins in the northwest corner. He shook his head with a sigh. “Fortunately, the young man was clever yesterday and took half of the people to demolish the house downwind first, so that the fire could not spread. Otherwise, the fire would not know how many industries and lives it would swallow up!” “That young man?” Before the brain did not react, Yan Feiyu had subconsciously asked this question, and at the same time, a tall and straight figure in the light of the fire suddenly appeared in his mind. Ah! We put out the fire in the middle of the night. I forgot to ask his name. He must have left early now. Zhou Shuncai was stunned and patted his head with chagrin. Forget to forget, presumably he just wants to do his part of the heart, and did not mean to seek fame. I don’t know why, Yan Feiyu felt a little lost, but he smiled and said intuitively that this was the young man’s original intention. The young lady was right, and I thought the young man was like that, but although I didn’t know his name,heavy duty plastic pallet, I would recognize him next time I saw him. To tell you the truth, Lao Zhou has lived for more than 30 years, and it’s the first time I’ve seen a big man smile so pleasing to the eye. Zhou Shuncai laughed. Remembering the sincere smile full of enthusiasm and beauty in the bamboo grove, Yan Feiyu’s heart jumped inexplicably. He quickly concealed his smile and said, “Well, Uncle Zhou, you’d better hurry to have a rest. You’ll have to be busy for a while when it’s bright.” “Miss,foldable bulk container, go back and rest!”! It’s late autumn now. Be careful not to catch cold because of the cold wind and dew. Zhou Shuncai made a salute and left first. Since Zhou Shuncai appeared, Ning Bu was like dumb wood again. He only turned into the shadow of Yan Feiyu. It was not until Yan Feiyu stared at the ruins alone for a long time that the morning wind blew the ashes on the ground and began to flutter that he reminded him in a low voice: “Go back!” Volume 2 First Flight Chapter 14 Good intentions are not rewarded. Back to Feiyue’s room, Yan Feiyu did not go to bed again, but slept for a while on the table in front of the bed. He seemed to feel that someone was staring at him. When he opened his eyes, he saw that Feiyue had woken up and was looking at himself blankly. Yan Feiyu touched his face subconsciously, thinking that he had forgotten his transfiguration, and then remembered that there was no need to worry too much, so he walked over with a smile. What’s the matter? Princess Feiyue looked at her and frowned. “Why are you so nice to me?” Yan Feiyu was stunned and said with a smile, “There’s no reason. It’s just that you need help. I shouldn’t be stingy if I can help you.” Princess Feiyue pursed her lips and her eyes became more and more straight. “Was it your men who saved me last night?” Swallow feather jaw head. “I want him to be my bodyguard,” Princess Feiyue said unconsciously in the tone of a decree. “Make an offer.” Seeing that she had become so overbearing again after only one night, Yan Feiyu’s face sank. Then he said lightly, “He is not a slave who has signed a contract of life and death in my family. He is a free man. He has to agree to this.” This is not a lie, mobile garbage bin ,drum spill containment, because that year she had already returned the body contract to Ning Bu, but Ning Bu himself did not go. Princess Feiyue snorted and was about to speak when a cold voice sounded outside the window: “I don’t like the morning and evening.” “Dare you, do you know who I am?” Princess Feiyue stroked her injured forehead with one hand and suddenly flew out of the window angrily, “I am Princess Feiyue today!”! If I let you be my bodyguard, you have to be my bodyguard. “Even the present emperor can’t force me to do what I don’t want to do.” Through the window, Ning’s voice was even colder. If you have seen my ugly appearance, you must be my bodyguard until my wound is completely healed. Princess Feiyue said angrily, her face suddenly turning red. There are many people who have seen your appearance, but few ungrateful people have seen it. Unexpectedly, Ning Bu, who was always cold, actually retorted. You I don’t care. Princess Ben needs you to protect her.
“Princess Feiyue was so angry that she sat up and pointed at Yan Feiyu.” You give him to me right away. ” Yan Feiyu listened to their bickering in astonishment, thinking that his intentional or unintentional management during the day and at night yesterday had resulted in this morning’s result. Suddenly, there was a kind of chagrin. Goodbye Princess Feiyue, where did she still have the weak and pitiful appearance of last night? Her disgust was even stronger. She said lightly, “Since you are a princess, now you are hurt, you’d better have a good rest!”! Minnu won’t bother. With these words, he went out without looking back. She didn’t regret saving her life last night, but she was not interested in serving this perverse and changeable princess. Unbridled, bold, you.. Cousin, cousin! Princess Feiyue became angry from embarrassment and suddenly shouted. Sima Xuan had been tossing and turning in the first half of the night. He was sleeping soundly at the moment. Suddenly, he was shaken awake, saying that the princess was calling him. He hurriedly dressed and rushed over. Hearing that Feiyue had to be the bodyguard who saved her last night, he immediately ordered his men to catch him. Who knows, the men went to look for a long time before they came back, reporting that the guests had checked out just now, and now they had disappeared. When Princess Feiyue heard this, she was in a daze. Remembering the extremely handsome face like ice and snow that she had seen after she accidentally pulled down his face towel last night, and then remembering her embarrassment and scars at that time, she suddenly covered her face and burst into tears. After so many years of procrastination, it is not easy to see a favorite man, and the other party is not servile because she is a princess, but he was forced to leave, is he disgusted with his ugliness? Purr Whoo, whoo. “Why don’t you send someone after him and get him back?” Sima Xuanping often boasts of being romantic and is very good at trying to figure out a woman’s state of mind. Seeing his cousin’s appearance at the moment, he understood a little in his heart. He immediately turned around and shouted, but with one hand carrying Princess Feiyue on her back,collapsible bulk container, he made a slanting gesture. The bodyguard understood, answered yes, and then left.

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