He simply did not say anything to the small smoke, turned around and asked Ruying, celebrities have not asked him about the array. He got the answer of “no” and told Ruying not to say anything later. Only then did Feng Wuheng settle down. But Xiaoyan’s heart is surging again. Aren’t celebrities friends of Anko? Although it is online, but this so-called array is just a game thing, no matter how good it is, it can not be brought to reality. Is it necessary to do this? Defend your friends, suspect your friends, and go around telling others to lie to their friends? Small smoke told this matter to Shi Si, Shi Si sighed: “In fact, men are more suspicious and nervous than women.” This matter, let small smoke to Anzi, have a shadow. Suspicion Coincidentally, it happened that the next day Xiaoyan went out to work because of Wang Qiong, and Shi Si’s physical pain came. She was the only one at home to take care of Shi Si, so she didn’t play games for a day. And this day in Kyushu, because of a post sent by a strange vest, it has long fallen out. The title of this post is, “Revealing the Secret of Zhengcheng Formation Task!” All of a sudden, there were thousands of clicks and thousands of replies. Everything in the post is very detailed, from how to take the task to the completion of the task. In the game, on the forum, all exploded. Could it be that Feng Wuheng himself thought about it and went to register a vest and sent this post? Of course not. The wind does not have the trace to run to see this card,aluminium edge trim, in the heart that is called a hate! The person that knows this thing, stretch out one’s hand, butterfly, like shadow, include celebrity to send a message to ask wind traceless, “is the waistcoat on forum you?” Only Xiaoyan did not come to inquire. Small smoke of course can not come to ask, her computer is not open, even the news do not know. When Feng Wuheng calmed down,stainless steel edging strip, he found out why Xiaoyan was not online today? Although he knew in his heart that the smoke could not be related to this matter. The brain could not stop his hands, turned on his cell phone and sent a text message to Xiaoyan. He was just going to ask, “Why aren’t you online today?” Something like that. But after Anzi pressed the send button, he saw that the message he typed was, “Did you say that?” He himself felt that the tone was very wrong. When Xiaoyan received this message, she was watching “Sleepless in Seattle” with Shi Si. As soon as she saw this message, she didn’t come yet. When God came, Xiaoyan guessed that Anzi must have asked about the array. Really narrow-minded, unforgiving! It’s been a day. Isn’t it just a martial art in online games? Is it necessary to be so aggressive and worried? Small smoke also gas, however, replied: “I did not!” ” Anzi received Xiaoyan’s reply, suddenly, you can see that Xiaoyan’s tone is also very wrong. Xiaoyan is angry. Anzi felt embarrassed and was about to send a text message to say good words to please Xiaoyan. But suddenly, he remembered another thing. Fortunately, the mobile phone was not smashed out by him, but the message of apology was not sent to Xiaoyan. On the third day, tile profile factory ,stainless steel edge trim, Xiaoyan didn’t know anything and went to the game. Because the last recording point was in Zhengcheng, Xiaoyan landed in Zhengcheng as soon as it went online. People are coming and going, and it’s really hard to move. Small smoke do not know, the next step, where she should go. What is this situation? Is there a monster attack today? Or a parade? How all the people in Kyushu crowded into Zhengcheng. Don’t you have to practice? Small smoke want to find someone to ask, opened the friends column, a look at the wind traceless above, very natural. [Secret Language] You tell Feng Wuheng: Anzi, what’s wrong with Kyushu? Why are there so many people in the city. Xiaoyan waited for a while, but Feng Wuheng did not reply. He’s not here. Is he hanging up to set up a stall? [Whisper] You tell the wind without a trace:? Not here? Small smoke is still in the strange, she saw a message in the regional channel, the doubts will be solved. [Area] No more hesitation: I have not received the task of the old man above level 30, and the brothers who have not yet joined the team have added me. Let’s brush the array task together. Knock! Everything can be explained at once. [Secret Language] Butterfly Ji, tell you: Xiaoyan, why didn’t you go online yesterday? Something big has happened, and you should know it. Someone in the forum, that hidden to reveal the secret! The butterfly made things clearer.
[Secret Language] You tell, Butterfly Ji: Sister Butterfly, I had something to do yesterday, so I didn’t go up. Are you saying that someone told us about the formation task? Wind, is it not on the line? [Whisper] Butterfly, tell you: Oh, don’t say anything. Anyway, he is in a bad mood, so don’t bother him. This Smoke cut out the game and went to the forum to have a look. Reveal the secret of the task of Zhengcheng Formation! Fengfenghuohuo, there are more than 100 pages of replies. Looking at the small smoke froze, the mood is very perturbed for a while. Do you want to say something to Anzi? Or, as Sister Butterfly said, don’t bother him? For a game, as for so lost? I started playing this game purely to accompany Anzi. In the words of Sister Qiong, “If two people stay for a long time and their feelings come out, everything will be done.” But now, how can we talk about feelings. Should I still play Kyushu with Anko? Smoke is very depressed to cut back to the game. As soon as I returned to the game screen, I was surprised to see an inexplicable message. Chen Dashao, please add you as a friend. Chen Dashao? The friend of Chen Qishao? Why does he add himself? Small smoke conveniently refused to light. Looking at so many people nearby, I’d better leave Zhengcheng first. Small smoke difficult to leave the city, do not know where to go, walk around. On weekdays, as soon as she goes online, Anzi calls her where to go, what to do or what to practice. Outside the city, the mountains are vast, yellow sand cigarettes, heaven and earth are the same color, small smoke is confused, and a system prompt comes, “Chen Dashao, request to add you as a friend.” Is there something wrong with this guy? It’s not over. Sure enough, with Chen Qishao together,stainless steel tile trim, are not very normal. Small smoke light refused, look back, Chen Dashao sure enough behind the small smoke. What’s he after himself for? [Area] Chen Dashao: I’ve been looking for you for a long time. I have something for you. Chen Dashao sends you a transaction request. 。

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