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The girl only thought that Nan Jiyun was the henchmen of Huangfu Song, and she showed no mercy, but when she saw her sword trembling, she suddenly flew three sword flowers, and even attacked Nan Jiyun’s three big holes in one move. Nan Jiyun was also on fire at this time. He cut her sword with a knife and thought about it. The girl knew that he had a sword in his hand to avoid a hard collision with him. Nan Jiyun cut the mountain with a knife and was about to drink the word “Zhe”. The girl’s sword suddenly changed direction and came in a fantastic way. Nan Jiyun was taken aback. Fortunately, his moves did not make him old. He hurried around with a coiled dragon. Back to the knife to protect the body, so that heard a “sniff”, Nan Jiyun’s clothes have been through the corner of her sword! Said late, then fast, the girl a sword, the second sword, the third sword followed, like a storm! By this time, Nan Jiyun had fully recovered his strength, but under the fierce attack of the young girl, he was eager to parry. But he was so steady that the girl couldn’t get in. With the help of Huangfu Song, Tiemole’s True Qi had been brought into the Dantian. At this time, his skill had been restored to seven or eight points. He guarded Duan Yizhang’s side and watched the battle intently. But seeing that the young girl’s moves were as swift as thunder, and her strange moves were endless. Although Tiemole was young, he was a person who had seen excellent swordsmanship. At this time, he could not help but be a little alarmed: “In terms of swordsmanship alone,Portable gold trommel, I’m afraid this young girl’s swordmanship is not inferior to that of my uncle Duan and Jing Jing’er.” Nan Jiyun unfolds a set of Eight Diagrams Sword Skill, and his body and footwork stick to the position of “Eight Gates” and “Five Steps”, without any disorder. At the end of the battle, he was gradually familiar with the way of the girl’s swordsmanship. Suddenly, with a loud shout, the light of the sword burst out, like a thousand feet of red waves, and he burst out! The young girl was forced by him to retreat again and again. Tiemole exulted when he saw her. “Wonderful,Portable gold trommel, wonderful!” He cried again. By this time, he had finished breathing, and was not afraid that the True Qi would go astray again. But Huangfu Song still glared at him. Just as Tiemole lost his voice and cheered, the girl’s posture and swordsmanship suddenly changed, but seeing her clothes fluttering, under the shadow of swords, like a butterfly wearing flowers, and Nan Jiyun fighting for the offensive, it was really: one move, one style, not relaxed, between the sense of propriety, competing for the first hand. Intense! When the young girl saw that Nan Jiyun had an imposing manner and excellent martial arts skills, she was secretly amazed. Suddenly she shook her sword and asked in a sharp voice, gold shaking table ,tin beneficiation plant, “Who are you?”? Why are you so skillful? Why are you willing to be the pawn of the old thief? With a long roar, Nan Jiyun sealed the door with a horizontal knife and answered in a loud voice, “a real man does not change his name, nor does he change his surname. So does Nan Jiyun in Weizhou!”! May I have your name, please? Why did you kill Mr. Huangfu? The girl seemed to be taken aback. “Are you Nanba of Weizhou?” She asked. “That’s right,” said Nan Jiyun. “What can I do for you?” The girl showed a confused look. It turned out that the most famous knight-errant in Jianghu in the past ten years was Nan Jiyun since Duan Yizhang disappeared. The girl had already heard of his name, but she didn’t expect that he was only a middle-aged man of about thirty years old. The girl thought for a moment and said, “Master Nan, mind your own business.” “Murder is a big thing,” said Nan Jiyun. “It can’t be taken lightly. If you want to kill someone, you have to tell the truth. Otherwise, Nanmou can’t ignore it.” The girl blushed and said in a harsh voice, “Nan Jiyun, you have the name of a great swordsman, but you can’t tell right from wrong. What kind of person do you think this old thief is?” “Elder Huangfu is a chivalrous man,” said Nan Jiyun. “Who doesn’t know? You abuse your predecessors, but you can’t make any sense. You shouldn’t have done it first! The young girl said with a sneer, “Huangfu, an old thief, deceives the world and steals fame. In fact, he is a devil who does evil in secret. You call yourself a great swordsman in vain, but you have been cheated by him!” “What proof do you have that he has done all kinds of evil?” Asked Nan Jiyun. The girl’s eyebrows stiffened, as if she had not wanted to say anything, but now she began to make up her mind and said resolutely, “My mother is the witness!”! I can’t believe what she said! She had seen with her own eyes that this old thief had killed his father-in-law and taken away his wife. I called him an evil and immoral person. Was it wrong to scold him? I was ordered by my mother to get rid of adultery. Nan Jiyun, you are known as a chivalrous man. I don’t need you to help me get rid of the evil tonight, but at least you should stand by and not stop me.
” Nan Jiyun was so surprised that he couldn’t help glancing at Huangfu Song. He saw Huangfu Song sighing slightly. Nan Jiyun felt a shock in his heart and thought to himself, “Did he really do what the girl said?” Look carefully again, Huangfu Song did not show a slight look of shame, his sigh seems to be only a kind of pity, a kind of helpless sadness. Nan Jiyun had been in Jianghu for a long time. His eyes were so sharp that he couldn’t help wondering. He thought, “Look at this look. Huangfu Song must have been wronged. But why didn’t he argue?”? Why are you willing to be killed by that girl? It seems that there must be a more complicated reason for this, Huangfu Song does not want to be an outsider! When the girl saw that Nan Jiyun was still blocking her way, Liu raised her eyebrows and said angrily, “I’ve made it clear. Do you still want to stop me?” “There are still a lot of things I don’t understand,” said Nan Jiyun. “You said that the elder Huangfu had committed the crime of killing his husband and taking away his wife. What is the name of the couple? What other personal and physical evidence is there? What happened at that time? “That’s what my mother told me,” the girl said angrily. “What my mother said is not a lie. Why do we need other human and material evidence?” Nan Jiyun said to himself, “It seems that I’m afraid her mother is still hiding something from her and hasn’t told her clearly.” With a wave of his sword, he took hold of the girl’s sword and said in a deep voice, “You believe in your mother, but I believe in senior Huangfu.”. With me here, if you want to kill someone tonight, you can’t! In my opinion, you might as well stop for the time being and leave your name and address to me. After I have finished a matter, I will come to visit your mother within three months at the latest and make it clear to her. That girl is furious: “Since you do not believe my mother, what do you still see her to do?”? Don’t think you have a reputation, and my mother may not be willing to see you! Hum,gold heap leaching, will you get out of the way? If you don’t get out of the way, don’t blame me for being rude! As soon as the swordsmanship was displayed, there was another stormy attack. ore-magnetic-mining.com

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