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“Oh..” Yu Qingkui slowly moved into the bathroom like a small snail and carefully locked the door again and again. Shi Yao listened to the sound of the lock in the bathroom and turned to the bathroom on the third floor with a smile. Yu Qingkui came out of the bathroom in her school uniform and walked slowly to the third floor. Finally, she stopped at the door of the studio on the third floor and did not go in. When Yao had just come out of the bath and was wiping his hair with a white towel, he made a movement and looked at Yu Qingkui standing in the doorway. Yu Qingkui was more than twenty centimeters shorter than Shi Yao, and Shi Yao’s school uniform did not fit her very well. Pants, in particular, were piled loosely around the ankles. Come here. Shi Yao waved to Yu Qingkui. When Yu Qingkui went in, Shi Yao pulled her to sit on the sofa and took another clean white towel to wipe her hair. I can come by myself. Yu Qingkui raised his hand to take the towel in Shi Yao’s hand. Shi Yao patted her on the back of her hand. Yu Qingkui drew back his hand and lowered his head to touch the back of his hand. Shi Yao wiped Yu Qingkui’s hair half dry and put the towel aside. He had been standing behind Yu Qingkui, but now he bent down and leaned close to Yu Qingkui, with his chin almost on her shoulder. He asked in a low voice, “You didn’t answer me yesterday.” “Back, answer what.” “What I asked you on the phone last night.” “I, I slept in a daze and I don’t remember what you asked me on the phone.” “Well.” When Yao nodded, he thought about it and went around the sofa to sit beside Yu Qingkui. He patted Yu Qingkui on the back of his hand and said, “Look at me.” Yu Qingkui’s eyes flickered and he still turned to look at him. Yu Qingkui,stainless steel tube 304, let’s get engaged. Shi Yao repeated what he had said on the phone yesterday. He slowly grasped Yu Qingkui’s left hand, and his long fingers passed through Yu Qingkui’s fingers one by one, and the rings on their two fingers stuck together. Look, we’re wearing our engagement rings. Shi Yao smiled. Didn’t you say it was just a common gift? Is it for my birthday present? Yu Qingkui opened his eyes wide and looked at Shi Yao in surprise. She. Have you been cheated in a muddle? Shi Yao raised Yu Qingkui’s hand and put it on his lips and kissed it gently. Yu Qingkui, it’s all true. Shi Yao suddenly said. Is everything true? Yu Qingkui was a little nervous,side impact door beams, only to feel her heart pounding, the back of her hand was kissed by Shi Yao began to heat up, this kind of crisp feeling seemed to start from the back of her hand, and spread out continuously, wrapping her soft heart up. So she didn’t listen to what Shi Yao said to her. Don’t be confused about what is true and what is false. I am true to you. “I’m sorry, I should have found you two years ago.” He rubbed Yu Qingkui’s half-dry hair, so he didn’t want to miss any more. Let’s get engaged and get married when we’re old enough. I will spend the rest of my life proving to you whether I am true or not. Yu Qingkui blinked her eyes very slowly, and she opened her mouth, but she didn’t know what to say. I Shi Yao suddenly lowered his head and gagged her. He didn’t want to hear her refusal at all. In Yu Qingkui’s frightened, frightened, precision welded tubes ,Precision Welded pipes, and ashamed eyes, Shi Yao’s tongue wantonly acted in her mouth. Yu Qingkui wanted to step back, his back against the sofa, and in front of him was Shi Yao, who was gradually approaching. When Shi Yao’s movements were a little softer, she called his name in a panic: “Shi Yao..” “Mmm.” Shi Yao answered, licked the tip of her tongue and quickly withdrew. He gently rubbed her lips with his lips and whispered, “Do you promise?” “I..” Yu Qingkui is stupefied, reason lets her refuse. When Yao smiled, he gently held Yu Qingkui’s soft lower lip in his mouth and sucked it gently. Very slippery and soft. Shi Yao! Yu Qingkui pushed Shi Yao away and suddenly stood up. With a red face, he said loudly, “You are not allowed to have sex.”. Lure me! Shi Yao froze for a moment, then burst out laughing, laughing so hard that he lay directly on the sofa. Shi Yao waved to Yu Qingkui, took her by the wrist and asked her to sit down. He put his head on Yu Qingkui’s leg and looked up at her. “Do I look good, Yu?” He asked. Yu Qingkui slanted his head and did not look at him. Shi Yao asked again, “Yu Qingkui, do I look good?” Yu Qingkui nodded his head at random. Shi Yao smiled and said, “Then you should look at me twice.”.
” Yu Qingkui’s small eyebrows were pulled up, as if he were doing some strong ideological struggle. She hesitated for a long time before she lowered her head and looked at Shi Yao. In Shi Yao’s smiling eyes, Yu Qingkui suddenly bent down and kissed Shi Yao’s lips. Shi Yao was stunned, and when Yu Qingkui raised his head, Shi Yao’s eyes were still stunned in disbelief. What just happened? Yu Qingkui took the initiative to kiss him? Shi Yao slowly raised his hand and touched his lips. The child didn’t have a fever in the rain, did he? Shi Yao reached out his hand and touched Yu Qingkui’s forehead, saying, “It’s not burning either.” Yu Qingkui tilted his head to one side for a moment, then looked down at Shi Yao again and said, “Shi Yao, I like you.”. I like it very much. “I know.” Shi Yao gazed at her clear eyes. But Yu Qingkui bit his lower lip, “too fast, really too fast.” I never thought I’d fall in love so young until you showed up. Yu Qingkui looked a little flustered: “Engagement is such a thing.” I have no idea. Still think it’s too early. Shall we talk about it later? I don’t dislike you. You, you don’t get angry. She looked very embarrassed,aluminium coated steel tube, as if she was worried that her refusal would make Shiyao unhappy. When is it not early? High school graduation? “Huh?” Yu Qingkui was a little confused. I’ll be angry if I don’t promise. Shi Yao sighed. Yu Qingkui frowned and whispered, “Let’s talk about it later.” She shook Shiyao’s hand again and said, “Don’t be angry.” “I won’t be angry if you kiss me again.” 。 cbiesautomotive.com

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